Our Mission

We are the 1st free German Language Program in NYC

We strongly believe that a German Language Program would benefit all, German-speaking children, children who are new to the German language, the school as a whole, and the entire community. Most importantly, bilingualism is a gift that will benefit a child for the rest of her life by broadening her horizon and opportunities.

The first German Enrichment Program at a public school in New York City is planned to start in September 2017 with Kindergarten (children born in 2012). The program will run from K until 5th grade. P.S. 18 – Edward Bush (Magnet School for Leadership) is located in Williamsburg on 101 Maujer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206. We welcome English language learners and all other children of families who do not speak German at home, but are interested in other cultures and languages. Get to know the school and the program.

German Language Program News

Latest news about our school.


Touch-A-Truck, Schoolfest, and Open House Dates

Today we spread the word that the GLP has started at the Touch-A-Truck event of St. Nick’s Alliance. For the children at P.S. 18, St. Nick’s Alliance organizes the free-of-charge afternoon program, into which German theater classes with the Galli Theater are integrated. We are already planning for the next event: Schoolfest. Schoolfest is to take place on Saturday, October…


GLP Featured on German Radio

Listen to the broadcast of the German radio program (ARD) on the so-called “trilingual project” at PS 18 in Brooklyn. Starting with Kindergarten 2017,  the school’s Spanish Dual Language Program will be enriched with German. The German language education is provided by the Goethe Institut. (7th September 2017, German only)


Backe, Backe,… Bakesale Coming up!

On September 13, the Parent Teacher Association of P.S. 18 will organize a bakesale that will directly benefit the GLP. Please participate. Every Dollar counts! The PTA will be setting up the tables by 3pm atthe main door and accept donations at that time. The event starts at 4pm. As parents, bring whatever you can…

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Why German

Did you know that German has the largest number of native speakers in the European Union, far more than English, Spanish, or French? Did you know it is the second most commonly used scientific language in the world?  Or that a fifth of the books published in the world are in German?


1st in Europe

The German economy ranks number one in Europe and number four worldwide.


World Leaders

Germans are world leaders in engineering.



German is the gateway to a world-class higher education.